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Respect Handshake

14th May 2011 - Dave Herbert Sportsmanship Cup Final Position

Final table for Fair Play Award for 2010-2011

Position2009/10ClubMatchesRed CardsYellow CardsPointsAverage
1(11)Brimscombe & Thrupp32123190.81
2(8)Berkeley Town3203781.15
4(1)Thornbury Town3233061.21
6(14)Kings Stanley3233331.31
7(2)Rockleaze Rangers32342-61.59
8(6=)DRG Stapleton32246-71.62
9=(18)Patchway Town32247-81.65
9=(10)Chipping Sodbury Town32441-81.65
12(5)Bishops Cleeve Reserves32445-121.78
13(3)Hanham Athletic32452-192.00
14(12)Yate Town Reserves32744-202.03
17(15)Tuffley Rovers321162-502.96

1st February 2011 - Respect FC

The Football Association has taken a radical new approach to tackling bad behaviour from fans and players by launching its own football club Respect FC. The aim of the club is not to win silverware or secure a Champions League place; its goal will be to unite fans against the ugly side of the beautiful game to create a safe and enjoyable environment in which it can take place.

Full story on the FA site Here

Sign up to Respect FC Here and get some money put back into grassroots football

Respect Programme

Two seasons back the GFA introduced the RESPECT Programme and you will all have received a booklet outlining its endeavours. This is the second year the league are implementing certain aspects of the campaign and they are as follows.

All players, managers and coaches will sign up to the code of conduct and it will be displayed in the changing room.

In signing this referees can now expect certain standards on the field of play and can use this when communicating with players.

Fair Play Handshake Protocol.

This was introduced at the start of last season and will be continued into season 2010-11. Every League game and the Les James League Cup Competition will see the handshake take place prior to kick off.

Working with the team captain.

Although the team captain has no special status he does have a degree of responsibility for his team and if there are any problems we would expect him to initially liaise with the Referee to resolve the issues.

The Gloucestershire County Football League has always endeavoured to set high standards both on and off the field of play.

We ask you all to support this initiative and if you have any issues during the season relating to the RESPECT Campaign please feel free to contact the league General Secretary.

Dave Herbert Sportsmanship Cup

Respect Programme - Keep the cards in the Pocket

The League last season was highly commended by the Football Association in their Respect and Fair play awards. The National League System (Steps 5-7) League award was in recognition of the commitment to create a fair, safe and enjoyable environment for Football to be played in.

Those three words fair, safe and enjoyable have to be taken forward to this season to install in all connected with the League, so that we can maintain high standards of professionalism.

The respect programme last season saw the clubs end up with a total of 72 red cards and 845 yellow cards. The expense just for the yellow cards is over £6, 500. Thornbury Town topped the table with just 16 yellow cards and picked up a cheque for £400.

The league and the referees acknowledged that the fair play Awards were improving standards and this season the league is offering prize money of £1,750 an increase of £300.

In order to qualify Clubs will be allocated 45 points with points deducted from the total for Red and Yellow Cards. One point for a Yellow and three for a Red.

Clubs with points remaining at the end of the season would share the prize money.

First £400. Second £200. Third £100. Clubs after the top three would receive £70.

Any Club going over their allocated total would not receive a share of the prize fund.

The opportunity is now there for all to remember, think before you speak and maintain a high standard of sportsmanship to see those red and yellow cards stay in the pockets of the match officials.