24th July 2020 - Respect and Fair Play 2020/21

Peter Langley

Following a successful last season in reducing dissent through the temporary dismissals (sin bins) on the field of play, the League are revising the criteria for season 2020-2021.

Last season with all matches being brought to a halt suddenly with the spread of Covid 19, the League is putting the outstanding Respect money along with this seasons money to give all clubs the chance to share £1500. (£500 on offer per 10 matches).

To achieve a share all players and club officials should think, Play Fair and Respect Decisions.

This season Red and Yellow Cards are being recorded along with any other offences that are reported by Match Officials.

The Points criteria: -

Caution Offence 1 Caution Offence 2 Caution Offence 3 Points
Dissent 3
Dissent Non-Dissent 4
Dissent Non-Dissent Non-Dissent 5
Non-Dissent 1
10pts for any Red Card for Language.
15pts for any Person reported in Technical Area.
20pts for any Club Official, Player reported after the Match.
30pts for a Club(s) causing a Match to be abandoned.

Clubs will be marked over 3 sets of 10 matches throughout the season.

Peter Langley (Chairman)

The best disciplined club award is being sponsored this season by Boca Teamwear

The FA Respect Programme

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