Lebeq United Champions 2018/2019

Lebeq United - League Champions

Cliff Orchard (Managing Director Marcliff) presents the Trophy to Twaine Plummer the Lebeq United Captain

Cliff Orchard (Managing Director Marcliff) with Champions Lebeq United

Lebeq United - League Champions

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Little Stoke League Cup Winners 2018/2019

Captains and Officials
Captains and Match Officials - Image Courtesy of Hilary Isaac

Little Stoke Cup Winners
Little Stoke Les James Cup Winners 2018/19 - Image Courtesy of Hilary Isaac

Cup Presentation
Rob Boyd (Managing Director - Boca Teamwear) presents the cup to Little Stoke Captain Matt Price - Image Courtesy of Hilary Isaac

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League Honours List

Season Champions Runners up Leading Goal Scorer Goals
2020-21 Season Abandoned
2019-20 Season Abandoned
2018-19 Lebeq United Frampton United Ryan Vincent (Frampton United) 25
2017-18 Thornbury Town Lebeq United Craig Lancastle (Thornbury Town) 40
2016-17 Bristol Telephones Frampton United Dhani Golding (Bristol Telephones) 35
2015-16 AEK Boco Henbury Dhani Golding (Bristol Telephones) 37
2014-15 Cheltenham Civil Service AEK Boco Jack Sklenar (Cheltenham Civil Service) 41
2013-14 Longlevens Gala Wilton Brad Martin (Longlevens) 31
2012-13 Longlevens Tuffley Rovers Shaun O'Connor (Longlevens) 27
2011-12 Cribbs Friends Life Henbury Simon Bone (Cribbs Friends Life) 40
2010-11 Brimscombe & Thrupp AXA Mike Beckingham (Brimscombe & Thrupp) 31
2009-10 Thornbury Town Highridge United Shane Hobbs (Highridge United) 35
2008-09 Slimbridge Kings Stanley Shane Hobbs (Henbury) 32
2007-08 Hardwicke Highridge United Simon Dew (Hanham Athletic) 25
2006-07 Roman Glass St George Patchway Town Nathan Baird (Henbury Old Boys) 28
2005-06 Lydney Town Highridge United Matthew Timmins (Lydney Town) 28
2004-05 Highridge United Longwell Green Sports Michael Jenkins (Highridge United) 31
2003-04 Almondsbury Tytherington Rocks Paul Westwood (AXA) 28
2002-03 Patchway Town Henbury Old Boys Tony Beacham (Henbury Old Boys) 27
2001-02 Roman Glass St George Slimbridge Andy Sledge (Roman Glass St George) 30
2000-01 Winterbourne United Highridge United S. Cameron (Winterbourne United) 30
1999-00 Highridge United Cadbury Heath S. Cameron (Winterbourne United)
I. Day (Cadbury Heath)
1998-99 Cadbury Heath Highridge United Ian Day (Cadbury Heath) 30
1997-98 Cadbury Heath Henbury Old Boys Nick Wilson (Cadbury Heath) 25
1996-97 Old Georgians Bitton K. Morse (Bitton) 24
1995-96 D.R.G. Cadbury Heath Ian Day (Cadbury Heath) 25
1994-95 Henbury Old Boys Harrow Hill Ian Beevor (Henbury Old Boys) 23
1993-94 Cadbury Heath Endsleigh P. Turnbull (Endsleigh) 23
1992-93 Hallen Old Georgians Steve Price (Hallen) 32
1991-92 Patchway Town Cadbury Heath Ian Day (Cadbury Heath) 27
1990-91 Tuffley Rovers Cadbury Heath Steve Price (Hallen) 32
1989-90 Ellwood Old Georgians P. Bartley (Henbury Old Boys) 25
1988-89 Lawrence Weston Hallen Henbury Old Boys Steve Price (Lawrence Weston Hallen) 40
1987-88 Old Georgians Lawrence Weston Hallen S. Collar (Old Georgians) 26
1986-87 Old Georgians Ellwood S. Pinker (Bristol St. George) 26
1985-86 Patchway Old Georgians P. Williams (Harrow Hill) 27
1984-85 Old Georgians Port of Bristol P. Williams (Harrow Hill) 23
1983-84 Sharpness Old Georgians N. Rock (Sharpness) 31
1982-83 Old Georgians Port of Bristol S. Pinker (Immediate Bristol St. George) 22
1981-82 Shortwood United Almondsbury Greenway Steve Price (Almondsbury Greenway) 34
1980-81 Almondsbury Greenway Shortwood United D. Doughty (Frampton United) 32
1979-80 Almondsbury Greenway Shortwood United Steve Price (Almondsbury Greenway) 49 (League Record)
1978-79 Almondsbury Greenway Hambrook Steve Price (Almondsbury Greenway) 33
1977-78 Almondsbury Greenway Hambrook Steve Price (Almondsbury Greenway) 34
1976-77 Almondsbury Greenway Matson Athletic S Moore (Yate Town) 30
1975-76 Matson Athletic Greenway/Almondsbury H. Johnson (Oldland) 22
1974-75 Matson Athletic Cadbury Heath K Blackburn (Sharpness)
D Foxwill (Matson Athletic)
1973-74 Cadbury Heath Cinderford Town A Leitch (Cadbury Heath) 32
1972-73 Cadbury Heath Bristol St. George A Leitch (Cadbury Heath) 42
1971-72 Cadbury Heath Cinderford Town A Leitch (Cadbury Heath) 33
1970-71 Cadbury Heath Sharpness T Delazzeri (Cadbury Heath) 32
1969-70 Bristol St. George Cinderford Town D Collins (Cinderford Town) 28
1968-69 Stonehouse Bristol St. George D.W. Loveday (Stonehouse) 37